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Copper Plate Logo Mug 2010 Starbucks

I was able to replace a mug that was special to my husband after his original was damaged. He loves it and I’m so thrilled that mug barista had one new!

-Deborah K


United States


Hudson's Grill Mug

I just received the mug that I ordered from you and it is BEAUTIFUL! I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was at the packaging of the mug to insure that there'd be no breakage. The cup itself is fantastic. I have one that is over 20 years old and the only difference is the lines on one side are in blue rather than black. What a wonderful find this was and I thank you so very much for this gem.

-Desiree L


United States


Canadian Geese In Flight Large Mug Otagiri

Absolutely love this mug! Thanks for a great transaction.

-Dwayne S


United States


Global Icon Collector Series Indianapolis 16oz Mug 2012 Starbucks

Received my mug in Great condition and the packaging is Superb. 👍🏼

-Rowena L


United States


Mom Mug The Toscany Collection

Hey Mike, My Mug arrived yesterday afternoon and its perfect! Your packing was quick and amazing, like a new born baby!!! Thanks again it was great doing business and chatting with you. You're my new Nevada Mug Buddy! Stay well, Best Regards Beth

-Beth S


United States


Patriot Rustic Stoneware Mug Cowboy Living

Received mug this morning looks great. Thank you for the care you took in packaging.

-Cathy H


United States


CHERYL Poetry Name Purple Interior Mug PapelCHERYL Poetry Name Pink Interior Mug Papel


-Harold B


United States


Cityscape Raoul Dufy Masters Collection D Burrows Mug Chaleur

Excellent seller. Mug arrived very quickly. It is exactly as described.

-Marie R


United States


JANET Poetry Name Pink Interior Mug Papel

The item surpassed my expectations in every way! The packing was perfection: the mug was wrapped in smooth paper and clear tape and placed in a 4x4x4 soft cardboard box that was taped close. The box was packed in the center of a larger mailing box surrounded with pink styrofoam peanuts and taped closed. The mug came in perfect condition. Bravo! And the mug is like new! A solid 5 🌠s!!!

-Janet G


United States


Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Hawaii State Fish Mug Island Heritage

Exactly as advertised! It’s perfect! The mug came quickly and so well packaged. Highly recommend and would definitely buy from again.

-Debra D


United States


Henri Matisse Masters Collection Goldfish Guitar Mug Chaleur

I somehow missed this cup when i was collecting them years ago so i was happy to find this one for sale. It arrived quickly, it's beautiful, and i am very pleased!

-Elizabeth T


United States


Southwest Scene Cactus Adobe Carlos Sanchez Embossed Large Mug Otagiri

I’m so so happy with this mug! I always loved the retro western desert vibe and this mug hits all the marks. I’ve bought Otagiri mugs before and their quality and art is always stunning. It also helps that the shop is from my home town, I wanted to support it. 🧡 + excellent packaging from this shop. I can’t wait to drink some tea. Thank you so much!

-Janna T


United States


 Hanalei Coffee Roasters Kauai Hawaii Mug

Thank you so much for such a awesome mug! I have been looking for this exact color, with it saying Kauai, and hand made! Its perfect!

-Sheri W


United States


ULU Mamo Red Floral With Orange Trim Mug Island Heritage

I received my coffee cup very quickly, great protective packaging and the cup looks like it was never used! Perfect condition.

-Tamara G


United States


SAGITTARIUS The Archer Astrology Zodiac Mug Russ

This is not the first time I've ordered from Mug Barista and it definitely wont be the last! I am always pleased with the kindness at making sure it was what I wanted and is always packaged smartly. Great company and great people!

-Anastasia K


United States



Great communication and upfront with small defect noted after sale. Received the item in good condition and quickly. Would definitely recommend!

-Sasha R


United States


PETE Poetry Name Gray Interior Mug Papel

Thank you! I was thrilled to find this mug--my husband had an "original" and it was broken--since these are vintage they are hard to find. Fast shipping, thanks!

-Sarah L


United States


DONNA Poetry Name Green Interior Mug Papel

Mug is perfect! Love it! This name has big meaning in our family. Thank you!

-Dominique C


United States


20 Venti White 20oz Mug 2011 Starbucks

Was searching the web to find a backup of my favorite coffee mug and stumbled upon this site. Wow. Exceeded my expectations in every single way! The mug was in perfect shape, packaged so carefully, and shipped so quick! If only more online stores ran as well as this one… Don’t hesitate, mugbarista is amazing.

-Justin B


United States


#Hashtag Coffee Break Mug American Atelier

I was SO excited to find this coffee mug. My husband had one just like it and it was his favorite. BUT, I accidently broke it. I couldn't believe MUG BARISTA had one! It arrived quick and also, it was packaged so good. I could have dropped the box off the roof and it wouldn't have broken the mug. THANK YOU Mug Barista!!

-Deann R


United States


Cottage Farmyard Mug Creative Tops LTD

I am delighted with my 'Cottage Barnyards' mug by Creative Tops. It's in perfect condition and arrived so soon after ordering. Thank you Mug Barista!

-Deni B


United States


  Floral With Butterflies Blue Inside 11oz Mug 2006 StarbucksFloral With Butterflies Blue Inside 11oz Mug 2006 Starbucks

I’m so happy with my Starbucks 2016 Model. I got it at that time but was broken by my surprise I got here and is just perfect! Great found! Thanks

-Azul M




Eeyore Large Mug Disney

20 years ago, my family and I went on vacation to DisneyWorld. My sister and I picked out an Eeyore mug for our dad because Eeyore has always been his favorite character. For years, this mug was my dad’s go-to for his coffee in the morning. But the other week, he dropped the mug and it shattered. I immediately went online in search of a replacement and came upon Mug Barista… The morning after my order arrived, I placed the mug near the coffee pot for my dad to find. In short, his joy was much like a small child on Christmas morning! His smile was priceless! And I have Mug Barista to thank!

-Caitlin B


United States


Bickford's Cafeterias Mug Sterling China

It was just as I remembered my dad worked at bickfords for 40 years.

-Elizabeth D


United States


ESTD 1971 Barista Abbey Large Green With White Lettering Mug 2007 Starbucks

My husband purchased a Starbucks mug in 2002 and within the past several years it became our 15-year old daughter’s favorite. When the mug was broken it was seven years older than my daughter, and she was in tears. We found this site, received the better -than before replacement mug in days and are excited to give it to her on Christmas. Thank you for such excellent service.

-Renae M


United States


The Walking Dead If Daryl Dies We Riot Mug AMC Film Holdings

I ordered the mug I wanted as a Christmas present. it got here in plenty of time and is exactly as pictured. Excellent service!

-Beverly S


United States


Crazy Cat Lady Round Mug World Market

My favorite "crazy cat lady" mug broke and I was so sad - looked all over for another one and finally found it here. Now I'm happy!

-Rosalind B


United States


  Unicorn On An Embossed Surface Speckled Large Tankard Mug OtagiriUnicorn On An Embossed Surface Speckled Mug Otagiri

I was able to get two Otagiri unicorn mugs from the 80s that I adore, for an excellent price! Sent quickly and extremely well protected--thank you!

-Maria J


United States


Young Love Sledding Norman Rockwell Large Mug Designpac

First of all, Thank you!! Mug Barista sent the mug quickly, and very, very well packaged!! I very much appreciate that!!! ❤ I absolutely love this mug!!! My parents went to the Norman Rockwell museum many years ago. The purchased playing cards and mugs of the seasons. My mother's fall/winter mug broke some time ago. She was absolutely heartbroken. I am so excited that mug barista had one!!! I feel like a little kid, so excited!! I cannot wait until she opens up her birthday present, right around the corner!!! Thank you so very much!!! ❤❤❤

-Kristen R


United States


  Best Friend Originals Chocolate Lab Embossed Mug XpresBest Friend Originals SHIH TZU Embossed Mug Xpres

My mom recently broke her favorite mug. I am so glad that I found Mug Barista that had an exact replacement. The mug was thoughtfully packaged for shipping and came in great shape!

-Megan T


United States


Hibiscus Quilt Mug Island Heritage

I was pleased with my purchase from Mug Barista. The item was exactly what I wanted, at a good price and was very securely wrapped for shipment. I would shop here again.

-Ann M


United States


Keep Your Paws Off Mom's Mug Sandra Boynton Mug Recycled Paper Products

One of our cats knocked off a mug previous cats had given me for Mother's Day YEARS ago. I was devastated. I immediately went online and found a replacement mug from Mug Barista. Within 15 minutes of my favorite mug breaking, a replacement was purchased. I was SO happy. Thank you, Mug Barista!!

-Nancy E


United States


Wonder Woman Round Barrel Mug Vandor

Great shop and customer experience, quality product, fast and reliable shipping. I wish to tell you a funny story about my new Wonder Woman mug. I was drinking from that mug whilst on a very official business tele-conference call whilst working from home during the pandemic. I was addressing some very important people and forgot what the mug had written on it. After the meeting was finished, I got a call from one of my colleagues who was in the meeting and they were laughing at the fact I had a Wonder Woman mug. I thought I would share this funny story, because it is not everyday you put a smile on someone's face, just because of the mug you drink from!.

-Julie C




Artisan Series 05/08 A Story Of Baristas 12oz Mug Starbucks

Thank you so much for my Starbucks coffee cup it came in excellent condition.

-Pamela D


United States


Puff The Magic Dragon Embossed Mug Quon Quon

This was my first time placing an order with Mug Barista & the service was great & quick. Thank you so much for wrapping & shipping my beautiful puff the magic dragon mug. I love him & will go great with the other pieces I have.

-Ingrid E


United States


Global Icon Collector Series Miami 16oz Mug 2009 Starbucks NEW

I was so happy to find a mug I had broken that was very special to me at Mug Barista. It is not made anymore and I couldn’t not find new ones available anywhere else. It was affordable and arrived in perfect condition, in just a couple of days. I truly appreciated the excellent customer service. Thanks so much!

-Beth D


United States


McKinley Explorer Alaska Train Mug Arctic Circle Enterprises

My wife dropped her Anniversary coffee mug and it shattered. Along with her heart. I'm pretty good at fixing things, sometimes you need to replace something. You took care of that part and I took care of the rest. Thanks, amazon could learn from you how to properly package things.

-Greg B


United States


I'm Killing It In Yoga Lately #Namaslay Mug Fringe

I cracked my favorite mug almost 2 years ago and was devastated. Recently, I decided to see if I could find a replacement. Mug Barista had the exact one in mint condition! I received my order from Mug Barista in record time and have never received an item packed so well! It is obvious that Mug Barista understands their customers and the reasons behind ordering what they do. Thank you so much! ~Namaslay~

-Dayna A


United States


Black & White Frisian Cow Mug JCF Collection

This company is amazing! First, I found a very hard to find item on the site, which I was already thrilled about. Then, they shipped it at lightning speed! The free shipping on top of that was icing on the cake. Awesome business!

-Julie H


United States


His Lordship Mug The National Trust

I cannot praise Mug Barista highly enough! A terrific on-line shopping experience! Back story: in 1988 in London I bought a fun "His Lordship" mug at The Blewcoat School gift shoppe. Broke it last month, found it on Mug Barista, they had it! Ordering was simple. Amazing customer service. Email re purchase, shipping, delivery was spot-on and appreciated. Mug received in a strong 8'' cube box, beautifully and safely packaged. Mike is the best! His is the website of happiness!

-Edward G


United States


Honu Hibiscus Large Mug The Islander Group

My husband and I purchased two mugs from the Islander Group many years ago…. These two mugs have become very meaningful to us so we wanted to buy a few more in case any of them breaks. We were very fortunate to find one sold by Mug Barista so we bought it. Mike, the owner, is really one of a kind! His customer service is truly amazing!!! We just received it and it matches our favorite set! It was so well packed… Very impressed with the customer service, packaging and delivery! We wish Mike and Mug Barista continued success! 👍🏼👍🏼

-Tati P


United States


Bert & Ernie Mug Sesame Street General Store

I ordered a mug to replace a 30 year old mug that was my husband’s favourite mug since childhood. I am based in Ireland and was a little apprehensive ordering from so far away. The communication was excellent, I was kept abreast of all shipping information. The mug arrived so well packaged and in perfect condition. I’d highly recommend the company and I most definitely will be using again.

-Patricia B




I'm In My Happy Place That's All Mug Santa Barbara Design Studio NEW

I gave my friend a "I'm In My Happy Place" mug for our camping trips, she absolutely fell in love with it. It was perfect for our camping trips as we have so much fun together. Thanks so much and for the story that inspired the That's All line of mugs.

-Donna O


United States


A Day In Bloom J Quanrud Mug ChaleurGlobal Icon Collector Series New York 16oz Mug StarbucksOld Fashioned Storefronts 2026 Barista Mug 2007 StarbucksArchitect Series Chicago 18oz Mug Starbucks

I chose four stunning mugs from the fabulous selection - The mugs arrived in perfect condition - It was obvious to me that a huge amount of care had gone into their packing and shipping. Thank you Mike.

-Chris S


United States


Porsche Mission 2014 Our Return Mug

The mug arrived safely and quickly. It is a rare mug I’ve been after for a while! Perfect condition. Thanks much.

-Mark D


United States


Ribbon Bow Embossed Tiffany Blue & White Mug Tiffany & Co

We absolutely love our Tiffany mug! Mike was terrific in corresponding back to us about our delivery and the mug was wrapped so well, it arrived safely. Thank you Mug Barista! Totally recommend you buy from these guys.

-Gina S




New Orleans Piano & Music Notes With Colorful City Skyline & Moon Mug

I was so thrilled to find a duplicate mug after I dropped this beautiful New Orleans mug that was a gift from my kids. Now I can enjoy my coffee again!! It arrived so quickly and perfectly wrapped for safety. Thank you, Mug Barista!

-Laurie B


United States


Homegrown Letter "c" Monogram Initial Mug Anthropologie

I ordered from France that Anthropology mug that I bought in Canada 7 years ago, and I'm glad I did. The answer was awesome, fast, and the correspondance with Mike was really friendly. He took good care of my requests and the package arrived in more than perfect shape! I will not say that I'll break this one happily to order a new one but, if it were to happen, I know where I'll order a new one!

-Pascal G




Garfield ZZZZZ Wake Me When The Coffee's Ready Mug Enesco

I love my mug. This was cheaper than eBay and it’s free shipping! You can’t go wrong. I will always check here for my vintage mug collection before eBay any day. The quality for how old this mug is outstanding! It appears to never have been used. Thank you so much mug barista.

-Joseph C


United States


Owl Sitting On A Branch Dream Big Kate McRostie Tall Mug Open Road Bra…

Mug barista is amazing! I was astounded to find a replacement for my favorite mug that I had sadly broken. Who knew such a thing was even possible and so easy! With a few key words, my mug appeared on their site and ordering was so simple. I was worried about how it would survive shipping’s but it was perfectly packaged and arrived beautifully whole. Thank you so much!

-Brenda W


United States


Kate Spade Make Headlines Rain Or Shine Mug Lenox

My roommate lost her favorite mug and this site had a replica. She was very happy!!

-Brittany P


United States


Hampton's Flag Mug Ralph Lauren

We ordered from Mug Barista to surprise Dad on his birthday after his favourite mug was damaged in a house move. As we were ordering from the UK I did have concerns over packaging, delivery etc. I need not have worried, my email query was replied to immediately and the product arrived on time and packaged brilliantly. Could not recommend enough!

-Leah C


United Kingdom


I Love Cats Hot Rod Granovsky Oversized Mug Lang

A very close friend of mine gave me this mug years ago. She has since passed away. Every time I used this mug, I would remember the day she gave it to me. I was so sad when I broke it and since it was so old, I had little hope of finding the exact mug to replace it. But mug barista had it. It was shipped quickly and well packed, I’m so happy.

-Elizabeth G


United States


Letter "S" Embossed Elizabeth Monogram Initial Mug Pier 1 Imports

Shattered one of my wife's favorite mug and couldn't find it anywhere. Found this website and it was fast and easy to replace it! Got me out of the deep end.

-Stephan K


United States


Yves Saint Laurent Collection Grapes And Leaves Embossed Mug Yamaka InternationalYves Saint Laurent Collection Grapes And Leaves Embossed Mug Yamaka International 

Perfectly packed and protected! Super quality.

-Maximiliano R




I Do What I Want Gray Cat Wearing Glasses Whote Mug With Blue Interior Love Your Mug

It arrived quickly and was exactly the identical cup. Seemed bigger but I love it and am very happy to have found it. Cutest cup ever! Thank you!

-Lillian P


United States


Mr. Incredible The Incredibles Slanted Mug Disney Store

Had a mug from my childhood shatter while washing it and I knew I wanted to replace it. Found Mug Barista online and they had the mug! Immediately ordered it and found it delivered in three days. Mug looks perfect!

-Michael G


United States


 Dad Mug The Toscany CollectionMom Mug The Toscany Collection

When you receive an heirloom mug from your father-in-law and fall in love with it, and that heirloom mug has a poem about fatherhood on it, you will want a back-up. When you find out it was a limited run from the 80s, you panic, as you know your toddler will inevitably destroy it. Somehow, through magic or manufacture, this crew was able to provide back-ups for both my "Dad" poem mug, and the "Mom" mug I was barely able to find previously. Both available, both pristine, and both now at the ready to be passed down to our children. Thank you

-Patrick K


United States


Dunkin' Donuts Destinations Limited Edition New Jersey Mug

Loved buying from mug barista, was able to find a limited edition mug from a few years back in mint condition, and it came in the mail super quickly!

-Marnie H


United States


Rococo Scroll Handle Taupe Mug 2012 Starbucks Tazo

Easy to shop. Simple process. Carefully packaged for shipping. Satisfying experience.

-Rick H


United States


Sagittarius Mug Mara Mexico

Well-packed speedy delivery. Thank you.

-Anne W


United States


Hair Stylist Embossed Hair Dryer Mug Papel Giftware

My son broke his wife's hairdresser mug and she was devistated, my granddaughter and I bought it for her when she graduated from beauty college years ago. Well found it here and she gets it for Christmas this year. Thank you for such fantastic and great service.

-Melanie R


United States


Little Twin Stars Kiki Loot Crate Exclusive Stackable Blue Mug Sanrio

What a great site. I broke my wife's LootCrate exclusive mug and thought I would never find a way to replace it, but Mug Barista came through for us! Shipped incredibly well and safely, arrived without any damage. And I'm out of the doghouse with my wife now. :) As mug collectors, we may become repeat customers. Thank you again!

-Jason B


United States


Clear Glass Square Mug Tazo

Love the mug I purchased from MugBarista! It was a one-of-a-kind I had not seen any where else, and was in excellent condition. It arrived quickly and carefully wrapped. Great quality and great customer service, quick response to inquiries. I am sure I will make another purchase soon.

-Elizabeth B


United States


My Favorite People Call Me Nana Mug Hallmark

I was looking for a mug to replace one my mother-in-law had broken. I didn't find the exact mug but found the same wording in a super cute mug on MugBarista. It arrived quickly, carefully wrapped and in perfect condition. I'm excited to give it to Nana for Christmas!

-Susan L


United States


 Great Basin National Park Nevada Mug Deneen PotteryThe Original Pancake House Las Vegas Mug Deneen PotteryFranklin Mercantile Deli Historic Franklin Tennessee Mug Deneen Pottery

I have purchased multiple mugs from Mike. Huge selection of mugs & fast communication to questions...His customer service is exceptional!

-Brian W


United States


Perdomo Cigars Mug

My boyfriend’s mother broke his Perdomo mug. Since it was given to him by an ex girlfriend, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to replace it. It arrived in beautiful condition. Would definitely order again.

-Stacy T


United States


Hampton Court Mug Denby

Many years ago I was at Hampton Court Palace in London UK where I purchased a mug as a souvenir. Unfortunately, after many years and cups of tea later I broke my mug and was very surprised to have found another one on this website and purchased it. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the delivery of my mug to Australia was delayed. Mike kept in touch with me and kept an eye on the delivery of my mug. Today it arrived very securely packed. I will definitely purchase another mug from Mike and highly recommend his website and service.

-Susie M




SAM Poetry Name Mug Peach Interior Papel

I had my order shipped to the UK, which encountered some problems at the behest of USPS. Mike stayed engaged throughout in trying to track the shipment down and followed up regularly. Fortunately, after over a month of travel, the parcel was delivered today. The mug I ordered has sentimental value to me - so, I am grateful to MugBarista for being such a useful vendor.

-Sam J


United Kingdom


I Wish I Were My Cat 3D Figural Embossed Daily Mug 222 Fifth

4 years ago for Christmas, my boyfriend was given a mug that was yellow with a little cat hanging off the side. The cat looks just like his and he loves the mug. Well, one day he dropped his off the balcony on the third floor. No amount of glue would fix it. Was very surprised and excited to find it here and he is happy to have his favorite cup back.

-Sarah B


United States


Boo! Polka Dots Pumpkin Mug Fringe

A few years back I found this simple Halloween mug with dots and the word "Boo!” and a little pumpkin inside. It had since become my favorite mug ever but unfortunately over years of use the rim had chipped in 2 places. I spent forever searching for this mug, only to find it here. I had never heard of this website before but the mug came very quickly and was packaged very well. Can't believe I found it and it's perfect. Thanks so much

-Samantha P


United States


Tropical Pineapple Crowns 1792 Mug Tabletops Unlimited

My girlfriend has a full set of 1792 hand painted pineapple coffee mugs/bowls/dishes and recently broke one of the mugs. It’s her favorite one and near impossible to find. So I thought for Mother’s Day I’d try to replace it. After 2 days of searching I came across this site with the exact mug I needed for a very fair price. The mug is in perfect condition and she was very pleased. I decided to use the pieces from the broken mug to create a set of mosaic coasters for the new mug. Thanks!!

-Will H


United States


Papa Bear Mug Hallmark

I first came across this website after trying to search in many stores for a very specific mug. (The one we had just broke and was meaningful). Unfortunately, it was sold out BUT after reaching out to the owner, Mike, he was able to assure me he would get one and send it right away. Mike walked me through the process and even shipped it out that same night! He was extremely helpful and checked in consistently to make sure I received the mug, and everyone was good. Perfect customer service and will be recommending to anyone in need!

-Dylan D


United States


Purple And Yellow Flowers Tall Fluted Mug Crown Trent

I looked high and low for a replacement of my recently broken favorite mug. Then I found one on Mug Barista that is made by the same company as my broken one. Same shape, delicate thin Bone China. The icing on the cake was free shipping! Mike sent it fast and it was well packed. I Love my new mug. I will be back when I want another high quality mug.

-Susan B


United States


Drink Krispy Kreme Coffee Eteched Black Mug

Great service. Great price and a great product. Thanks!!!!

-Diana S


United States


Life Is Crazy Good Mug Natural Life

Great great great! Fast shipping!

-Karrie S


United States


Yester Year Brand Perfect Coffee Large Mug Westwood

My wife and I found a mug at a thrift store we liked, and wanted a matching set. The only place I could find a match was at Mug Barista. It was delivered within a week or so and was/is in perfect condition. Thanks!

-Bill H


United States


Friends Happy Day Cute Animals Mug Daiso Japan

Was able to find a replacement mug for my GF here after hers broke. Recieved my mug very quickly, packaged securely, and responded quickly to my email questions. Would order from mugbarista again.

-Wesley A


United States


JULIE International Names Mug Giftcraft

I was relieved to find a replacement here for one of my mother's favorite mugs after fruitlessly scouring the manufacturer website and ebay. The mug was in excellent condition and packed very safely for shipping.

-Zachary B


United States


Colorful Striped Blue Green Orange With Flower Inside Mug Anthropologie

Delighted with Mug Barista’s selection, service and my replacement mug. We were given a set of 4 mugs and 4 bowls to match as a wedding gift from my good friend 8 years ago. They survived a 3-month trip in a shipping container when we emigrated to New Zealand from the UK. They survived me using one every morning for 4 years. One did not survive me shaking it out the window to remove an insect that had landed on it (I know. WHY?!), and ended up irreparably smashed on the ground below. Happily, I found a replacement mug on Mug Barista. Their excellent selection and service means I have once again a set of 4, and my nonsensical behaviour can be left firmly in the past. Thanks so much!

Rachel B


New Zealand


Grapes By Gerrica Connolly Mug Cypress Point Trading Co.

I got a hard to find mug quickly, packed securely, and speedily. Even a follow up email to ensure it arrived safely. May I say, that was the most thorough pack job I have ever seen! Thank you.

-M D


United States


The Far Side That Settles It Carl From Now On You're Getting Only Decaffeinated Coffee Mug OZ

Since my name is Carl, I finally got my Farside Cup here. Good price, looks brand new, well packaged and quick delivery. My wife says the cup drawing sort of matches my demeanor. I need to look thru the available cups for future gifts and acquisitions.

-Carl Y


United States


Papa Bear Mug Hallmark

This is my first time purchasing from Mug Barista. Not only were they fast at responding to my questions, they were kind, informative and so helpful which made the ease of purchasing from here so simple. My mug came in just a few days and I live in Canada. They packaged the mug so carefully and with lots of wrapping to ensure it was delivered and received without any issues. Thank you for your excellent service!

-Kimberly Y


United States


Rustico Round Mug Tabletops UnlimitedRustico Round Mug Tabletops Unlimited

Quick shipment of two great mugs! Very pleased with the whole experience.

-Amanda Q


United States


Herb Garden Sherri Buck Baldwin Mug Lang & Wise

The handle of my favorite mug and years of joy using it. I looked and looked online, even at and nothing. This website popped up in the research. I found my cup, bought it, and just received it. It was properly wrapped. This company is a keeper. I am thrilled for my replacement mug. I’m going to tell friends about this site. Thank Mug Barista. You have my business.

-Cathleen E


United States


Don't Let The Turkeys Get You Down Sandra Boynton Mug Recycled Paper Products

I got a Sandra Boynton mug. I love it! It was packed with lots of paper and bubble wrap to keep it safe. Her mugs were mainly form the 1980's. I'm not even sure if it is used or unused, but it looks brand new! It is in perfect condition. I used to have stickers with the same picture and was glad to find the mug.

-Susan B


United States


Dot Collection Gold Dot Red Abstract 16oz Mug Starbucks

I am happy with the wonderful quality of the mug I ordered. It was like new and a perfect replacement for one that cracked. I was also very impressed with customer service. Mike took the time to write me personally when he discovered and almost imperceptible imperfection the item I ordered, just to make sure I still wanted it. It was shipped promptly, wrapped very well, and arrived in mint condition! Thank you! I'll be back!

-Ann A


United States


Eeyore Sad Mug Disney Store

Perfect! Looked to replace a vintage Disney mug that completed a set my daughter and I have been drinking from for the last twenty years.... Packaged to survive very rough handling and arrived faster than we expected. Highly recommend!!!

-Steve E


United States


Snowman Candy Cane Mug HallmarkSnowman Candy Cane Mug Hallmark

Prompt service. Ordered two mugs which arrived very quickly in perfect condition. I’ve never seen a product wrapped with such care. It could have been thrown from a vehicle and I don’t believe it would have been damaged. Recommend this vendor.

-T G


United States


Brasserie Red Rim Mug Williams-Sonoma

Thanks for providing an answer to my search. My daughter wanted the red banded mugs by William Sonoma but found they were no longer being made. I was able to purchase 4 from your site. They arrived in excellent condition and quickly. I will certainly do more business with your company in the future. Thank you, Dave

-Dave K


United States


Beatles Collage Mug Vandor

This was my first time ordering from Mug Barista it was a success! I was able to replace my fiancé’s favorite vintage mug that I broke while washing dishes. Whoops! The new mug arrived quickly and was very well packaged. I would order from here again.Thanks Mug Barista!

-Becky T


United States


Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful Lovin' Life Flamingo Mug Cape Shore

Excellent!!!! I found a vintage mug for a friend that I have been looking for everywhere. It arrived quickly and was packaged beautifully. I am so happy to have found this site and will definitely be back again. Thank you for GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

-Joyce K


United States


A Twenty One Bun Salute Sandra Boynton Mug Recycled Paper Products

I ordered a mug for my sister’s birthday that she had growing up that met an unfortunate demise years ago. She was amazed and overjoyed to have the mug again because it meant a lot to her. Thanks so much!

-James A


United States


Lady Godiva On A Horse Mug Godiva Chocolatier

Thank you so much! I was so happy to find my Godiva mug on your site! It was wrapped with care and shipped promptly! So happy!!

-Susan B


United States


Pure Contentment Terry Redlin Mug The Hadley Collection

Very quick response and shipped fast. The packaging was great we received our order without damage. Great service.

-Ted D


United States


Japan Cities Etched Color Oversized Speckled Mug

I ordered a vintage mug for my father's birthday on short notice. The beautiful mug arrived in perfect condition in plenty of time for the party. I will definitely order from Mug Barista again!

-Beth C


United States


Starbucks Coffee White Lettering With Blue Stripe Inside Mug Starbucks

I dropped and broke my favorite mug of 15 years that survived two moves to Hawaii and back. I was devastated. Then I found the same one on Mug Barista. It arrived super quick and was expertly packaged. Tracking info was sent so I could keep up to date on the shipping. The mug was perfect, looked like new. I'm so happy. Thank you Mug Barista you are the best!

-Tracy S


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Whoopee Cat Sandra Boynton Mug Recycled Paper Products

I used to have this mug a while back and then it broke. I haven't been able to get my hands on a replacement mug until right now. It came quickly and packaged well. Thanks so much!

-Erika S


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Three Tone Cream Brown And Beige Etched Logo 16oz Mug 2016 Starbucks

Well packaged, and arrived quickly. Very happy 😊

-Amanda M


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Ancient Tapa Mug Island HeritageLei Mug Island Heritage

We collect mugs from a specific manufacturer and it was great to find the Mug Barista. Wide selection, great prices, fast delivery and careful packaging--everything as advertised! Thanks

-Chris K


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Masters Golf Augusta National White Footed Mug

Excellent transaction. Very responsive and accomodating in a unique situation of a sensitive matter. The mug arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It was like finding a needle in a haystack, and the Mug Barista had it. The Mug Barista is highly professional and understands what excellent customer care and service truly is. Thank you so much in making my deadline to replace a broken treasure. Coming back a day early from your vacation to ensure it happened is greatly appreciated and unexpected. Wishing you much success in the future. You will be on my list of trusted resources for the future. You are simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Gloria S


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Frank Lloyd Wright Collection Guggenheim Mug Krups

Excellent service! Great follow through, safe packaging, quick delivery and a courteous seller. I’ll be back for sure.

-Mir P


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Fearless Leader Mug Hallmark NEW IN BOX

Very satisfied! Quick shipping and great communication throughout the purchase/shipment!

-Jorin F


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Yosemite National Park Blue Embossed Cracked Finish Mug

Very happy!!!!! Great experience with this company. Quick to reply to email, and deliver mug.

-Deborah O


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Harley Davidson Motor Cycles Embossed Eagle Logo Black Mug The Encore Group

Great website! Everything arrived in beautiful condition. Shipping was fast. Will come back to order again. Thanks for everything.

-Janet M


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Beehive Yellow Mug Bosco Ware

For 35 years I started off my day with coffee in my fave mug. Then I dropped it. Found a replacement here and they shipped fast. Can start my day off right again. Some habits die hard.

-Joe H


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Siren Embossed Mug 2009 Starbucks

At last, I found the exact mug to replace my favourite broken one. I received it in Canada in good time and it was packaged so well that it arrived in perfect condition. Excellent service all around. Thank you!

-Dorothy M




A-Z Letter "C" Monogram Initial Mug Pottery Barn

Broke a discontinued mug I loved and found it here! Easy order super fast free delivery! Painless!!❤️❤️

-Catherine C


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Homegrown Letter "d" Monogram Initial Mug Anthropologie

This was my first order, and so glad I found this site. I broke a favorite mug my daughter had bought for me years ago. I was delighted to find it here. Thanks for the updates and quick shipping. I was impressed with how carefully wrapped and packaged it was. Thank you!!

-Diane H


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Life is Good Daisy Blue Mug

This was my first order with Mug Barista. The package was delivered quickly and was carefully wrapped. The mug is cute and is just as pictured. I will be ordering from Mug Barista again. Highly recommended. Thanks so much!

-Beverly S


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The Many Moods Of Minnie Mug Disney Store

My dad broke my mom’s favorite mug and within a couple minutes I was able to find a replacement on this site. It was reasonably priced and got to our house quickly and in good condition. Only downside is that my dad also bought my mom a replacement mug so now she just has two but that’s on us for not talking about it.

-Emily C


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I Spent Most Of My Money On Beer And Women. The Rest I Just Wasted. Mug Leanin' Tree

Great seller, perfect replacement for the cup my wife broke. She doesn't have a clue how attached I was to the old cup I had and couldn't believe that I spent (in my opinion very responsibly priced cup) good money to replace that old cup. I love Gene Zesch art and carvings and my old cup was very special to me. Thanks for the perfect replacement. Would buy again from you without a doubt.

-Rick H


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Homegrown Letter "r" Monogram Initial Mug Anthropologie

So very grateful to Mug Barista. They happened to have a now rare cup that I was desperate to find to replace one my daughter gave to me. The frosting on the cake was the neighborly & caring feeling conveyed in all their communication. Additionally they were very quick to ship and the cup was received within days. A really nice company to do business with.

-Rita B


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3 Shades Of Brown Stripes Mug Starbucks

I can’t say enough great things about MugBarista!! I’ve been looking for a mug that I broke that was my favorite of all time. I found it!! The whole process was a breeze and my order shipped and arrive super fast!! THANK YOU for a fantastic experience and I will definitely shop here again!!☕️ ❤️

-Jenifer G


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Peanuts Snoopy Woodstock Mom With Heart Handle Mug

Outside of Mug Barista, I was unable to find a replacement for a mug that had just broken. The mug was easy to find on this site, arrived quickly, and was well packaged. Thank you for the great service!

-Kyle D


United States


The Far Side I Gotta Be Me Oh I Just Gotta Be Me Mug Oz

The mug safely arrived. I have to tell you…

A friend gave me a mug like this in the late 1980s and it was used every day. In November, the mug was in the sink as I was washing dishes when another dish slipped out of my hands and badly chipped my mug’s rim. I still could not throw it out.

I searched and found your site. My hesitation was that in the picture you post, the mug looks like it has a narrow bottom and a wide top. I decided to take a change it was just the camera angle and it was!

You have made me extremely happy by replacing my 30 year old mug. Wow, just did that math and they are good mugs.

Thank so much you for your service.

-Richard K


United States


Retirement Your Time To Stop Living At Work & Start Working At Living Mug Papel Giftware

Quick service! When I'm looking for something special this will be my first stop! Thanks Mug Barista!

-Darlene B


United States


Well, this might be a little bit different experience than the other ones written here. Actually, I never purchased anything from MugBarista to write about but I needed a help regarding a mug so I texted the admin of the website and Mike was the one who responded in a very humble way. I asked him if he has any information about the product I am looking for (that I sent him his photo), and however the mug was not one of his products but he kept looking for my request for two days then he just sent me an email with all the details. I didn't know what to say as it was not predictable action. I just wanna thank you over and over again, Mike. Thanks.

-Abdelaziz I




Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame + Museum Etched Mug

This was my first order with Mug Barista, it was shipped very quickly and incredibly well packaged,shipping info kept me updated very carefully wrapped definitely recommend Mug Barista, Thanks.

-Chris G


United States


Old Guys Rule Ford Woodie Wagon & Surfboard Mug

My husband chipped his favorite mug and I was able to replace the exact same mug after finding Mug Barista. The shipping info kept me updated and the packaging was incredible and pretty much breakage proof! Since my husband collects mugs I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer. Thank you for your high standards!

-Nancy M


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Who's Driving that Pink Cadillac? Mug Mary Kay

This service was awesome!! I received the package quickly and it was wrapped perfectly to reduce damage. I was grateful to find the perfect gift for someone.

-Kelli P


United States


City Mug Collector Series Hawaii People In A Boat Rowing Mug Starbucks

Great mug that can’t be purchased any longer. Shipped very fast and well packaged. My wife is so excited to receive this gift since the mug I broke was our first purchase after getting married. Thanks so much for bringing a smile to her face.

-Joseph B


United States


Black Bear Diner Mug Tuxton

I was able to receive my package successfully. Thanks for reaching out to make sure. The mug was packaged extremely securely and arrived in perfect condition. The mug was from a diner that was the first place I ate at when I uprooted my life and moved to Seattle, WA. I since moved home to help family and lost the mug during the move. Thanks for letting me get a piece of nostalgia back! Incredibly grateful.

-Ryly R


United States


Sunflowers Debi Hron Mug Lang

I really appreciate how promptly it arrived and how extremely well it was packaged to ensure absolutely no damage would occur. Thank you again!

-Pat M




Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engine Embossed Mug

It was great! The mug is just perfect. Cant find a nice diesel mug. The wrapping was the best, that would never break. Very nice doing business with you. Wish you had a motocross yamaha mug.. thank you and ill be back visiting your sight.

-Linda H


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American Expedition Explore And Discover The Moose Mug American Expedition

Many years ago, my husband bought a mug for me in a jewelry shop in Colorado Springs while we were on a rare vacation. As a former teacher, there have been no shortage of cups in my life, but my moose mug (I grew up in Alaska) was the cup I always wanted my morning coffee in. It was the perfect size for the amount of coffee and milk I like. Now that I have cancer and am often in bed, my family always gets my coffee just right if the prepare it in that cup. A couple of weeks ago, as I toddled down the stairs, a dear, visiting, rescue puppy charged around the corner, leapt on me and knocked the cup from my hands. Watching the cup shatter was slo-mo, like in the movies. I went to the internet never expecting to find such an old design. Enter Mug Barista! I am sure they have 'saved' many people, but they did even more than give me a new version of my beloved cup. The service was something you don't often experience these days. They followed up, communicated in process, packaged well and didn't drop the ball, or quit checking in until I had my shiny new cup in hand. My brother's gluing the old one together for a pen holder and yes, the new one is incredibly more shiny! Even cups age! Thank you Mug Barista for giving my cup saga a happy ending. I will shop your site for unique gifts now.

-LaVonne H


United States


Bahamas Hand Painted Collection Mug Tabletops Unlimited

My order came so fast and I LOVE the Bahamas hand-painted mug. It's really unique and beautiful. Great price. Will order from them again.

-Shelley M


United States


Horizon Of Hope Embossed Pink Rosebuds Mug Longaberger

Mug arrived very quickly and was packaged very securely. It was exactly as described. Wonderful to do business with.

-Denise S


United States


It Is What It Is Blue Mug With White Interior Love Your Mug

The mug arrived securely packaged in a timely fashion and was as described and pictured on the website.

This is a mug I had off and on searched for online (with no luck) after breaking the original I had, so I was glad to find another and for a reasonable price. Thanks!

-Karen B


United States


Eeyore And White Flowers Large Mug Disney Store

Thank you! The packing was superb, no way that cup was going to break or even get a chip in shipping! It is great to have my favorite cup back, not the original given to me by my sons many years ago, but still my favorite. Thank you!

-Deborah B


United States


Cinderella Once A Princess Always A Princess Disney Parks Mug Disney

The Cinderella mug that I ordered was an exactly what was pictured and was exactly like the mug that I got from Disney World years ago. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy from Mug Barista again!

-Antoinette M


United States


Big Hug Mug Bouquet FTD

Well first of all, super awesome that y'all had the original version of the mug i was looking for. the price is great along with first class free shipping. i was very happy to have found it and made the purchase. i really appreciated the details in description about the mug's condition. i.e. the small nick on the bottom, which i don't mind. but i assume it does matter to a collector and it definitely shows the care y'all have.

And i have to mention the superb job on the packaging! so many layers of protection with crumbled up newspaper, cardboard, and bubblewrap to ensure my mug gets here in perfect condition. it is now my absolute favorite mug.

Y'all definitely out here doing it right. with such positive experience, i'm looking forward to expanding my mug collection and getting gifts from mugbarista. i wish the best to your business!

-Chun W


United States


Provencial Pineapple Hand Painted Collection Mug Tabletops Unlimited

I have bought from Mug Barista twice. In both cases my mug arrived in excellent condition, packaged VERY well, and received quickly. I'm a happy customer!

-Angela M


United States


Denny's A Diner Booth Is The World's Smallest Neighborhood Mug Oneida

What can I say, only compliments. I wanted this mug for a friend and I got it super fast and I should say it was the most amazing packing ever. So carefully done it took me ages to open it. But then the mug was in excellent condition. So I ordered a second one! Very good job.

-Carla L


United States


Botanic Garden Insects Susan Williams Ellis Mug Portmeirion

I purchased a very hard to find mug from Mike - it is now my favorite mug (and I have many). Mike is quick to respond to questions and concerns, prices are reasonable and the shipping was fast. Thanks for your great service!

-Pamela L


United States


Winnie The Pooh Falling And Tumbling Tall Mug Disney StoreAlice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party Pedestal Disney Parks Mug Disney

I am delighted to have discovered Mug Barista - I LOVE mugs, and am most satisfied with the products and service, and would definitely recommend Mug Barista to anyone I know, especially if they are seeking a specific product. My daughter is very happy with her housewarming gifts. As a British citizen, but US resident for many, many years, it is extremely important to have just the right mug for one's daily cuppa (cup of tea!).

-Amanda H


United States


I am Not Plump I'm Fluffy Sandra Boynton Mug Recycled Paper Products

I can’t thank you enough. My original mug was given to me more than thirty years ago and had much sentimental value. It met a tragic end, so I was thrilled to find its replacement on your website. I was also surprised to receive it in such pristine shape and so carefully packaged that it took me five minutes to unwrap—very impressive! I hope to have this mug for the next thirty years, so you probably won’t get a lot of repeat business from me, but I will definitely spread the word about Mug Barista.

-Gaylien C


United States


Frankie's Tiki Room Las Vegas Orange Mug Tiki Farm

Arrived safe and sound. That packing was like a Rubik's cube combined with one of those Russian dolls. LOL That's professional packaging. Looks great!

-Eric C


United States


Caesars Magical Empire Figural Sphinx Mug DTC

I just opened the package 10 minutes ago, and I am very pleased with my purchase and it was packaged very, very well! It also arrived very fast! Thank you for a pleasant transaction!

-Rich G


United States


Ribbed Mug Made In Portugal Mug FaporHorizon Ribbed Mug Sonoma

They arrived on time. They were in good condition. The packaging was great! Thank you very much.

-Ben R


United States


Must Love Dogs Mug Fringe

I broke a very special mug and Mug Barista was the only place that I could order a new one from. I actually found a mug on top of a redbox and it said "Must love dogs". I truly believe it was a message from my Dexter who passed away a week earlier. Had that mug for over a year until it slipped an broke. Mug Barista promptly delivered my package and even follow-up with me when I thought it had not been delivered (my neighbor took the package from the mail lady for safe keepings). Want fantastic service! Highly recommend this folks!

-Jackie K


United States

House Finch Mug CJ Wildlife

What a great experience. I found exactly what I wanted, knew when order received, packaged, shipped, and delivered. I can say I have never been treated so royally. Thank you and I will order from you in the future.

-Carol W


United States


White With Silver Oval Shaped Polka Dots Mug Starbucks

I’d been searching a long time for a lost mug I was unusually attached to when a friend sent me a picture of a near match from Mug Barista. It arrived in perfect condition. While it’s a bit smaller than the original and the inside is blue instead of lime green, I feel sure I will be able to bond with this replacement.

-Judy R


United States


Imus Ranch Ribera New Mexico Mug

I would like to say that I was able to receive my favorite mug that was no longer available ANYWHERE. I found it on Mug Barista and in a few days it was mine! Also, packing is unbelievable!! Thanks

-Susan G


United States


Finding Dory Just Keep Swimming Mug Disney Galerie

I love this mug! It was a rare find, but the price was right for a great item. MugBarista was very responsive to my questions and went above and beyond my inquiry on any imperfections. He sent detailed photos of anything he thought might be a concern, no matter how minor. I was very pleased to see the mug in person is near perfect! It was quickly shipped and very thoroughly packaged. Thanks again!

-April R


United States


Guatemala Antigua Blend Etched Matte Black Mug Starbucks

I just received my special edition mug and it was in Perfect condition!! So pleased. I was very sad when my son accidentally broke my other one. Now I am so happy to have this mug once again!

-Susan M


United States


Hometown Lake Thomas Kinkade Mug Amcal

Thank you so much for your quick service. Your mugs are just as described. We would most definitely order from you again.

-Steve F


United States


Crazy Cat Lady Embossed Pedestal Mug Spectrum Designz

I purchased a very hard to find mug from Mug Barista. It was one of my wife’s birthday gifts and she loved it! The mug was very well packaged and arrived in perfect shape and on time. We will be looking to purchasing more mugs soon!

-Blaine C


United States


CATHY Poetry Name Light Blue Interior Mug Papel

The mug that I ordered just arrived! Packaged very well, arrived in perfect condition. I’m very pleased. I had one just like this and it developed a severe crack, was unusable and I had to pitch it. Thanks so much, I will enjoy it!

-Cathy F


United States

 Daybreak White Embossed Rooster Mug Artimino

Thank you. Great wrapping. Will do business again

-Maggie D


United States


Etched Siren White 16oz Mug 2014 StarbucksDot Collection Siren Dot Plaid Teal Black And White Siren 16oz Tall Mu…

I have ordered several coffee mugs from MugBarista and I am very happy with the products and services. The packaging was great and the shipping was prompt. The coffee mugs are excellent quality and I am enjoying them a lot! I would highly recommend MugBarista to anyone looking for great service and products!!

-Scott G


United States


Hawaii Outrigger And Rainbow Mug Starbucks

I ordered my mug from Germany. I have received the mug in perfect condition, very fast delivered, very carefully wrapped. I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you.

-Marein M




The Far Side C'mon C'mon It's Either One Or The Other Mug Andrews McMe…

This was my first order with Mug Barista. The package was delivered quickly and was carefully wrapped. The customer service is amazing and I will be ordering from Mug Barista again. Highly recommended. Thanks so much!

-Barbara R


United States


Glacier National Park Do Not Feed The Bears "Trust Me." Mug Brinker In…

Found a mug we had broken and got a replacement in very good condition! Shipping was fast but also packaging was very good!

-Nora C


United States


Halloween Happy Pumpkins 12oz Mug 2007 Starbucks

Awesome customer service and my mug is in excellent condition (looks brand new!). I definitely recommend Mug Barista!

-Gwen T




Fantastic Felines Mug Laurel BurchArtistic Patchwork Dogs Mug Laurel BurchGrand Slam Erika Oller Tennis MugOrange And Red Gradient Mug Waechtersbach

I just purchased 4 beautiful and unique mugs from Mug Barista which is a real treasure trove of rare high quality mugs. Mine arrived packaged with a lot of care. It took some time to unwrap. The website is user-friendly, the collection of mugs is well organized and easy to select by category or in random order. The owner is a very considerate and personable man who has gone out of his way to help me fixing the post office snag. He showed an example of a superb customer service. I plan to definitely go back and buy more mugs from Mug Barista and would highly recommend this website where you know for sure that you have a lot of beautiful products and are dealing with reliable responsible people. See you soon, Mug Barista! I think I'm hooked.

-Tony A


United States


Eeyore Holding 2 Flowers By The Stem In His Mouth Mug Disney Store

I ordered my mug and got it within 3 days! It was shipped quickly and incredibly well packaged. They kept me updated and sent tracking information. I highly recommend Mug Barista!

-Annette N


United States


Barista Mosaic Pattern Mug 2002 Starbucks

I had purchased a set of 4 coffee mugs at Starbucks many years ago. Over time, I broke one of the mugs. After years of looking at 3 mugs, I decided to find the 4th mug on line. Thanks to Mug Barista, I was able to replace the broken mug with the exact design as the original.

-Sheila S


United States