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Woodland Leaves & Berries Mug Hartstone

Woodland Leaves & Berries Mug Hartstone

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Features leaves and berries wrapping around its exterior surface.

Also has a dotted band of trim around the upper surface surrounded by green lines and another line of green trim wrapping around it's lower surface.

Interestingly this particular Hartstone mug does not have their embossed symbol in its bottom surface.  Instead it has their logo printed on the surface in black ink.

Condition note: the Hartstone logo on the bottom surface was not stamped completely on the lower surface, it is incomplete.  Please see the last photo to have a look at this.

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  • Height (in): 3.6
  • Diameter (in): 4.0
  • Weight (oz): 17.55
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: 1982


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