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Tigger T.T.F.N. 3D Embossed Glitter Mug Disney Parks

Tigger T.T.F.N. 3D Embossed Glitter Mug Disney Parks

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Features an embossed image of Tigger on its front surface and other non-embossed images of him scattered around the exterior surface.

To Tigger's left is a giant exclamation point filled in with orange glitter.  There is another identical exclamation point on the rear surface.

Filling in the background are many small dark green objects which may be leaves.

Printed on the exterior opposite the handle:


...Ta-ta for now!"

Other quotes scattered on the exterior surface include:

"The most wonderful thing about Tiggers, is I'm the only one."

"That's Re-dikorus."


"T-l-double "guh"-errrrr, that spells Tigger!"

"That's what Tiggers do best!"

An Authentic, Original, Disney Parks mug.


  • This mug is pre-owned and reconditioned.
  • This mug has no chips, cracks, scratches, stains or crazing.
  • There is a small circular imperfection on the front surface where the glitter and paint is missing, please see the first photo.
  • There are some white small blemishes on Tigger's nose on the front surface,  please see the first photo.
  • There are some other extremely minor imperfections on the exterior surface.
  • Overall this mug is in excellent condition.
  • Please look carefully at the photos to get a realistic impression of this mug's appearance.


  • Height (in): 4.4
  • Diameter at opening (in): 3.7
  • Diameter at base (in): 3.7
  • Weight (oz): 18.70
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: Unknown
  • Exterior Color: Green/Orange/White/Black 
  • Interior Color: Orange
  • Dishwasher Safe: Unknown
  • Microwave Safe: Unknown
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