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Sale Suzhou Relief 16oz Mug Starbucks

Suzhou Relief 16oz Mug Starbucks



Features embossed artwork relating to the city of Suzhou in China wrapping around its exterior surface.

Also has "SUZHOU" printed in a black font inside on the rear upper surface.

Condition note: there are some extremely faint surface scratches in the blue area at the top of the mug.  To see them I had to shine an LED lit magnifying lens directly on the mug.  Even then they were very minor.  One of these is just barely visible in the 1st photo where a red arrow is pointing to it.

  • Height (in): 4.2
  • Diameter (in): 3.8
  • Weight (oz): 18.15
  • Capacity (oz): 16
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: 2012

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