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Sale Morning Glory John Seerey-Lester Mug Amcal

Morning Glory John Seerey-Lester Mug Amcal



Features the same beautiful painting on its front and rear surface.  The painting depicts a bald eagle soaring through the sky with trees behind it.

On the rear upper surface is printed:

"Let the heavens be glad,

and let the earth rejoice:

and let men say among

nations, The Lord reigneth.

1 Chronicles 16:31"

  • This mug has no chips, cracks, scratches, stains or crazing.
  • There is a super tiny nick on the lower edge which was not captured in the photos.
  • There are 2 dark dots on the bottom surface and a manufacturing imperfection where the bottom surface meets the sidewall.  Please see the red arrows pointing to these in the 5th photo.
  • Height (in): 4.2
  • Diameter (in): 3.5
  • Weight (oz): 14.80
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: Unknown
  • Exterior Color: Artwork 
  • Interior Color: White
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Microwave Safe: Yes

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