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Sale Island Chain Sunset Large Mug The Islander Group - Mug Barista

Island Chain Sunset Large Mug The Islander Group


Features the same artwork on the front and rear exterior surface consisting of an ocean scene flanked by palm trees. On the left side "Hawaii" is printed in a cursive font.

This is a much larger mug than most Hawaii mugs typically are.


Condition note: there's a small imperfection on the bottom rim that looks darker than the surrounding rim. This spot also is depressed a bit lower than the usrrounding rim. Please see the last photo where a red arrow is pointing to this. This depression is slightly visible on the front lower surface near the edge, it's not damage but rather appears to be a manufacturing defect.

  • Height (in): 4.3
  • Diameter (in): 4.0
  • Weight (oz): 19.60
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: Unknown

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