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Westford China

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company Mug Westford China

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company Mug Westford China

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Printed on its front and rear surface:

"Hawaiian Isles

Kona Coffee Co."

This is a heavier diner style mug with a thick handle.


[js-tab title='Condition']

  • This mug has no chips, cracks, scratches, stains or crazing.
  • There is a tiny dark dot on the front lower surface near the area under the handle, and another tiny dark dot on the handle.  Both are extremely minor but mentioned to be completely descriptive.  There are a few other small dark dots scattered around on this mug's exterior.  Please look at the photos carefully to see these minor marks.
  • There are 2 nicks on the bottom rim, one much smaller than the other.  Please see the red arrow pointing to these in the last photo.
  • There is some extremely light wear on the bottom rim, please see the last photo. 
  • Although I have identified several imperfections on this mug, I am being overly critical on purpose.  It is overall in very good to excellent condition.


[js-tab title='Details']

  • Height (in): 3.9
  • Diameter (in): 3.6
  • Weight (oz): 19.00
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: Unknown
  • Exterior Color: Cream 
  • Interior Color: Cream



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