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Harvey's Lake Tahoe Tiki Bucket Mug

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Tiki Bucket Mug

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This mug is shaped like a bucket with embossed details.

Has "Harvey's Lake Tahoe" printed on a raised plaque on its lower surface.

I believe this mug was manufactured by Otagiri, however no markings are present to confirm this with 100% certainty.


[js-tab title='Condition']

  • This mug has no chips, cracks, scratches, stains or crazing.
  • There are some raised white marks on the interior wall resulting from the manufacturing process, please look carefully at the 5th photo.
  • There is some minor wear on the interior bottom surface which was not captured in the photos.
  • There are some minor imperfections on the exterior surface, please see the red arrows pointing to these in the photos.
  • There is a line on the bottom rim which I believe has a very shallow surface level hairline crack associated with it.  I had to use a magnifying lens and even then I could barely see it.
  • Overall this mug is in very good condition.  Please look carefully at the photos to get a realistic impression of its condition.


[js-tab title='Details']

  • Height (in): 4.3
  • Diameter (in): 4.2
  • Weight (oz): 15.70
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: Unknown
  • Exterior Color: Tan/Brown/Black
  • Interior Color: Brown
  • Dishwasher Safe: Unknown
  • Microwave Safe: Unknown



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