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Crane Bird Handle Mug

Crane Bird Handle Mug

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This mug features a 3D figural handle shaped like a crane!

There's a signature on its bottom surface but I cannot make out what it says.


[js-tab title='Condition']

  • This mug has no cracks, scratches, stains or crazing.
  • There are a few small brown stains inside this mug and a few similar ones on the exterior surface, please see the red arrows pointing to these in the 5th photo.  There are some more, the arrows point to the more obvious ones on the interior .
  • There is also a line that runs down then interior wall but does not extend to the exterior surface.  Please see the blue arrow pointing to this in the 5th photo. 
  • There is a mottled appearance on some of the exterior surface, this is clearly seen in the 4th photo.  The photo exaggerates this, in person it's far less noticeable.
  • The shape of this mug is oval rather than round, this is best seen in the overhead view in the 5th photo.
  • There is some minor wear on the bottom rim, pleases see the last photo. 
  • This is a one of a kind vintage mug, it exhibits many irregularities, please look carefully at all of the photos so that you know exactly what you are purchasing.


[js-tab title='Details']

  • Height (in): 4.5
  • Diameter (in): 3.6
  • Weight (oz): 10.00
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: Unknown
  • Exterior Color: White 
  • Interior Color: White



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