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Starbucks are some of the most beautiful and collectible mugs
Mug Barista

There are collectible mugs, and then there are Starbucks mugs.  Starbucks are arguably the most collectible and desirable of all current brands.  Some have sold on eBay for more than $1000!

We currently have 549 Starbucks mugs in stock and are always acquiring more.

One of the most beautiful Starbucks mugs in my opinion is the Barista Mosaic Pattern mug from 2002:

Another absolutely beautiful Starbucks mug is the Bronze Siren Anniversary mug from 2009:

A third beautiful Starbucks mug is the Embossed Orange Ombre mug from 2009:

These are just 3 examples of fantastic Starbucks mugs, there are countless more.  To see our complete Starbucks selection click on this link:  Starbucks mugs


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