How we securely pack your mug for safe shipment

How we securely pack your mug for safe shipment

The first step in our packing method is to measure out a piece of packing paper for the specific mug we are preparing for shipment:

Next we wrap the mug completely within this piece of paper making sure to wrap the handle completely:

Then we tape the paper securely closed:

Finally we tuck in the edges and tape those around the handle to provide additional protection:

Next we choose the best size box to securely hold the newly wrapped mug:

If there is some excess room inside the box we use packing peanuts to fill the void:

The wrapped mug is placed inside the box and any empty areas are filled with packing peanuts:

This box is then taped shut:

We use a box within a box packing method, all of the previous steps were for the internal box.  Next the external box is prepared for the internal box to be placed within it.  The first step is to choose the perfect size box so that the internal box will fit inside it and packing peanuts will completely surround the internal box:

Packing peanuts line the bottom of the external box:

For excellent protection the internal box is completely isolated from the external box.  It is then centered within the external box and packing peanuts are placed on all sides to surround it:

Packing peanuts are placed on top of the internal box completing the isolation of it from the external box:

The external box is then sealed:

The invoice is placed on top:

The box is completely sealed and ready for safe shipment anywhere:

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